Become Instructor

What does it mean to be an U-Wind monitor?

Our university sailing school welcomes 200 students every year.

These students come to learn how to windsurf and for that they need instructors to progress easily. That’s why every year we recruit students who will become instructors. 

An U-Wind instructor is a volunteer. No remuneration is given. It is the only sports school in Grenoble where the instructors are volunteers. We want to keep this associative character which gives another atmosphere within the U-Wind. On the other hand, the U-Wind offers you certain advantages (purchase prices for equipment, financing to obtain a boating licence or a federal diploma, courses or weekends reserved for instructors, etc.). 

But being an U-Wind instructor means above all sharing our passion for surfing in a good mood and team spirit!

Who can become an instructor?

New instructors must be students and may be chosen from among the U-Wind trainees or be new to U-Wind. 

A minimum technical level is of course required but we don’t ask you to be pros: the goal is to be able to manage your board without any problem. The most important aspect for us is your motivation, your desire to pass on your knowledge. This requires patience and reflexion.

A student who is already a federal instructor is welcome. This does not mean that he or she does not have to pass the initial test and then attend training courses, because our method of teaching is different from the federal world. Moreover, each federal training course is unfortunately different from the point of view of quality…

Instructor training

After your selection you will be trained on the theory and practical aspects of windsurfing teaching at the U-Wind. The training takes place at the beginning of September after the course hours.

After this short training, you will be able to lead your first groups of beginners. Don’t worry, the more experienced instructors will not be far away to help you and help you progress in your teaching technique!