How to Register ?

As a reminder, the U-Wind is the University of Grenoble sailing school, so it is reserved for students of the UGA, INP, Science Po, etc. If you are not student, you can go to GUC Voile, a partner club open to everyone

As for all university sports, registration is obligatory via Suaps, only the course in Mèze during the 1st semester will open its registration during the office hours. You haven’t found a place in your chosen activity with the suaps, but you would like to join us at the U-Wind? Come and see us at the Sports Forum! You will be able to discuss with some instructors and register!

Qualifying Training - FQ - 40€

This module is open to any student whatever your level of sailing, from beginner to funboard.
The contract is precise: the volume of activity per semester is 8 half-days to which you must add a day of practice on Sunday. This contract is imposed by the university, it includes compulsory lessons (for an hourly volume of 24 hours) as well as personal work (for a volume of 6 hours).

Reminder : you are free to manage your schedule as you wish, but the S1 stops on All Saints’ Day, so don’t look for sessions in December to make up for an insufficient volume of activity !

In the second semester the full participation to a laffrey pack or the internship is mandatory, there is no single outing.

Personal Training - FP - 60€

You don’t want to be graded? No problem! Choose the personal training option and manage your schedule as you want. You can come to all of Laffrey’s outings as one. You can also take part in the Mèze trip in the first and second semester!

The offices

They allow you to register for half-day/day outings to Laffrey and for the Mèze course in the first semester. They are given in the Hall of the University Swimming Pool and the timetable is as follows:

  • Wednesday 6:30pm – 7:30pm
  • Thursday 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
  • Friday 6pm – 7pm

Look out! To register for a Laffrey outing you must first be a member of the U-Wind so you can register via the Suaps or the Sports Forum.